Five Times August is the one-man show of Brad Skistimas, a self-made indie artist who’s been featured everywhere from FOX Business to Billboard.

He broke new ground as the first unsigned act to get his album, The Independent, into Walmart. His music has graced TV shows, commercials, and films, and he’s toured with top-tier acts.

In 2021, he pivoted to protest songs, targeting Covid™ rules, the Biden administration, and Anthony Fauci.

Despite censorship on platforms like YouTube, his videos have clocked millions of views. He’s been in the spotlight on shows like Glenn Beck and Rebel News.

Brad performed at a major rally in Washington, D.C., and even sang the national anthem for Donald Trump and Ben Carson. His latest album, Silent War, has climbed the charts, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen.

He has released three albums:

  • Fry Street (2005)
  • Life as a Song (2007)
  • Silent War (2022)

Brad played a few songs on my podcast.

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