There’s a real hesitancy to dive into certain topics, especially the ones that go against what most people think or believe.

This is clear when it comes to talking about gender identity and the idea that ‘trans women are women’ and, more specifically, that men and women can switch genders.

  • ‘Trans’ women are not women (and vice-versa).
  • Men and women can’t switch genders.

To be clear, there are two genders, and gender and sex are the same thing.

Wokeness, LGBTQ, and cultural Marxism are creating confusion around what a woman is.

Delving into the postmodernist mindset, words are seen as creating reality.

This perspective is dangerous, discourages debate and promotes a culture of ‘no debate’ in which reality is dismissed outright without consideration. This approach stifles the pursuit of truth and prevents meaningful dialogue.

Furthermore, the concept of ‘sex assigned at birth’ is not only misleading, it’s nonsensical.

Sex is determined at conception and is not something that can be assigned or changed.

As an example, the societal implications of the ‘trans’ movement, particularly in relation to sports, are concerning. The fairness of allowing men, who ‘identify’ as women, to compete in women’s sports is a slippery slope. It is obviously not fair to allow a man, pretending to be a woman, to enter a boxing ring to fight against a woman.

It is based on a moral stance that prioritises the inclusion of ‘trans’ individuals over the integrity of women’s sports.

And it ultimately harms women.

In fact, it harms everything.

Helen Joyce is a journalist and author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.

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