Whitney Webb, of Unlimited Hangout, joined me for an overview of her massive new book One Nation Under Blackmail.

It is a gigantic two-volume book that comprehensively breaks apart organised crime, intelligence agencies, and sexual blackmail linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

The web is absolutely huge.

Whitney’s research exposes the relationship between US and Israeli central intelligence and the organised criminal network known as the National Crime Syndicate (NCS).

There is no better book than this. This is the Epstein bible.

One Nation Under Blackmail

Volume 1

The first book delves into how intelligence and organised crime merged to create the sexual blackmail methods and networks later used in Epstein’s atrocities. This book differs from others about Epstein, which usually focus on his heinous acts, wealth, and famous or politically-linked friends.

It looks at how everything came to be.

Setting the stage, so to speak.

I have no interest in killing myself.

Jeffrey Epstein

The book covers a lot of gound, including:

  • the criminal underworld,
  • the mix of alcohol and blackmail,
  • the ties between organised crime and Israel,
  • Roy Cohn’s network of favours,
  • secret networks and operations, and
  • the Clinton Contra scandal.
Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, and friends
Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, and friends

Volume 2

This book follows the rise of Epstein and his closest associates, such as Leslie Wexner and Ghislaine Maxwell, and contextualises them within the organised crime-intelligence networks.

Whitney goes into detail about their connections, focusing on Epstein, spy networks, espionage, and how they undermined American institutions, including Epstein and the Maxwell family’s role in modern blackmail.

The book also goes into detail Leslie Wexner’s world and the dark side of her ‘philanthropy’, as well as Maxwell’s inheritance of a spy empire.

Like the first book, this one covers a lot of ground, including:

  • Epstein’s rise and his foray into property development,
  • Leslie Wexner’s dodgy world,
  • Ghislaine Maxwell as the heiress to a spy empire,
  • corrupt political campaigns and Epstein’s business operations,
  • Epstein’s connections with Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton,
  • Epstein’s ties with Edge and Big Tech,
  • blackmail from PROMIS to Palantir.

I have both books and strongly recommend you buy them.

Here’s my conversation with Whitney.

It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.

Donald Trump

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