“Follow the science” is a stupid concept, especially evident during the fake COVID-19 pandemic.

Science deals with probabilities, not certainties, and its application in policy-making is often influenced by political and media biases.

Compare science to a chainsaw

A chainsaw, while powerful, lacks direction; similarly, science cannot independently dictate the best course of action in complex decisions.

This underscores the importance of critical thinking.

Science’s trustworthiness hinges on the interpreters’ intelligence and character, not just on evidence.

Science is often abused

MK-Ultra (1953-1973) was a covert CIA program that involved testing drugs and other procedures on unwitting subjects to develop techniques for mind control and interrogation. The experiments often involved high doses of psychoactive drugs and were conducted without informed consent, violating ethical standards.

Experimental injections

During the plandemic, political and media agendas distorted scientific decision-making, leading to detrimental outcomes, such as high death rates from the jab.

South Africa's all-cause mortality
South Africa’s all-cause mortality

Science is a circus

Science today, such as in my cartoon, has deviated from its traditional ethical boundaries. It’s now used to justify garbage narratives and propagate alarmist narratives (like global warming).

Blind reliance on science is misguided.

Don’t follow the science.

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