The farmer, a symbol of organic, natural healthy living, stands as a beacon of tradition and family values.

Tilling the soil with hands that have been passed down through generations, the farmer represents a connection to the Earth that is pure and unbroken. The crops that grow are a testament to the harmony between man and nature, nurtured with love and care. Families gather around tables laden with these wholesome products, celebrating life’s simple pleasures. The farmer’s way is a path that respects the natural order, fostering a sense of community and connection that is often lost in our modern world.

In stark contrast, the world of pharma symbolises an unnatural, artificial technocratic future. It’s a realm where chemicals and synthetic processes reign supreme, often at the expense of human nature. The pursuit of profit drives an industry that seems to value control and surveillance over the well-being of individuals. Families are replaced by data points, and tradition is overshadowed by the relentless march of progress. The connection to what is real and tangible is severed, replaced by a sterile environment where everything is monitored and nothing is sacred.

The superiority of representing the farmer over pharma is evident in the values they embody.

While the farmer nurtures life and celebrates the bonds that make us human, pharma is detached and mechanistic. The farmer’s world is one of warmth, community, and a respect for the natural order.

Pharma’s world, on the other hand, is cold, impersonal, and driven by motives that don’t align with the best interests of humanity.

Do we seek a world that honours tradition, family, and the natural rhythms of life? Or do we surrender to a technocratic future?

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