The world doesn’t need more materialism.

To be fair, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with buying and owning things. Klaus Schwab advocates for a world where people own nothing and are happy, though he omits the part about the oligarchs, like himself, being the owners of the things being rented.

Private propery is paramount.

Waking up

I’ve noticed a growing trend where people are moving away from globalism and towards localism.

It’s a move towards a community-based self-governance, including:

The shift away from globalism is not about left versus right politics either; it’s about keeping local economies and communities strong.

The Great Reset is part of globalism.

It’s a framework and part of the establishment of a worldwide police state, implanting microchips for mass surveillance, and depopulating Earth.

The global elite, or ‘globalists’ (or sometimes ‘internationalists’), are driving such plans. For example, Bill Gates is a globalist individual while the United Nations is a globalist organisation.

Let Santa know that you reject all of this technocratic nonsense. He will probably agree!

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