Alex Jones is an American show host and founder of InfoWars. He was born in Texas in 1974, dropped out of college, and began his career in media as a public-access television host.

His rise to fame coincided with 9/11. He was one of the first people to suggest that it was an inside job.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset is a breakdown of the 2030 agenda (Sustainable Development), primarily focusing on its goal to centralise global power and diminish personal freedoms.

The book exposes this globalist framework, led by technocrats like Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari of the World Economic Forum (WEF), showing a huge disconnect between their Malthusian plans and, well, reality. He shows how it’s all aimed at restructuring world economies, political systems, and societal norms under the guise of recovery from the fake COVID-19 pandemic,

They, ironically, see their plans as a benevolent pursuit of global stability and progress.

Alex also unpacks the role of advanced technology, particularly mass surveillance and artificial intelligence (AI).

Digital slavery and breaking free from cellphones

He warns that technology, while obviously beneficial, is being twisted into a tool of compliance and manipulation, stripping away privacy and sovereignty.

He talks about what he calls ‘the digital ‘gulag’, where dissenting voices are silenced and individual freedoms are curtailed under the guise of security. Consider YouTube’s obsession with removing videos and banning channels (like mine).

In the twenty-first century the price we pay for ignorance about ourselves will increase dramatically, because governments and corporations are now gaining unprecedented abilities to hack and manipulate human choice. And the easiest people to manipulate are those who believe in free will—because they refuse to acknowledge that they can be manipulated.

Alex Jones, The Great Reset (2022)

In other words, the Great Reset is about:

  • a global agenda to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance,
  • the implementation of a new social contract binding individuals through electronic IDs linked to bank accounts and health records (like vaccine passports),
  • the introduction of a social credit score and digital ID dictating every aspect of life,
  • the replacement of free enterprise with stakeholder capitalism (technocracy),
  • management of all resources, including people, through technology by the state and wealthy individuals,
  • fundamental restructuring of the world’s economy and geopolitical relations,
  • centralised control of all areas of life like energy, finance, food, medicine (like vaccines), and personal interactions,
  • reduction of privacy and circumvention of national sovereignty, and
  • creation of controlled societies such as ‘smart cities’.
The Great Reset, as envisioned by the WEF

The Great Reject

Avoid it.

Don’t be a victim.

There are ways to buffer against all this nonsense.

  • Avoid blindly trusting mainstream media outlets like CNN and BBC.
  • Educate yourself on economics, get out of debt, diversify investments, and consider alternatives to centralised banking systems.
  • Invest in real estate and hold assets like gold, precious metals, and cash as they are less susceptible to digital control.
  • While I’m on the fence here, I think that cryptocurrencies do provide a censorship-proof alternative to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).
  • Understand the deeper agendas behind global conflicts and resist being drawn into taking sides.
  • Avoid major political parties and consider that are probably influenced (and financed) by globalists.
  • Stay healthy and fit.

Here’s my convesation with Alex.

As I’ve said before, the answer to any question for these globalists seems to be more globalism. Got a pandemic? How about managing it badly, then claiming you need global control to fix the problems you caused? Got climate change? Well, that’s because we haven’t given them enough power.

Alex Jones, The Great Reset (2022)

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