Bob Moran is a British cartoonist who has drawn for publications like The Guardian and The Telegraph. He resigned from the latter in 2021 after they made his life difficult for refusing to buy into the Covid fear porn.

Leaving The Telegraph

Bob’s departure from The Telegraph was a big turn in his career, primarily influenced by his (correct) views on lockdowns. Because, honestly, anybody who supported the lockdowns, for any reason, is either an establishment lackey or an utter imbecile.

He disagreed with the newspaper’s ridiculous pro-lockdown stance, which he (correctly) believed was detrimental to public well-being, including his own family. This was the first time, in history, that the entire world was locked down simultaneously. Not even during the World Wars was the entire world locked down.

To make it worse, the entire world was locked down for an imaginary viral disease.

Let me be clear: there was no pandemic.

There was, however, the following:

The impact of the lockdowns on Bob’s personal life played a crucial role in his decision. His daughter, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, suffered due to the restrictions. The lack of access to necessary healthcare and social interactions adversely affected her condition.

His exit from the newspaper was a principled decision.

Like me, Bob became more independent and less reliant on corporate media.

Cancel culture

He created a one-man theatre show, Artpocalypse, which was cancelled by the Tyne Theatre Opera House due to his views. The venue, known for promoting ‘inclusivity‘ and other egalitarian nonsense, deemed his opinions discriminatory.

The theatre that went woke

The decision came despite the success of his previous show in London, which was sold out and caused no controversy. The theatre’s chief executive cupcake, Jonathan Higgins, cited a conflict with the venue’s values in the cancellation statement.

Here’s the thing.

The show is a celebration of cartoons, satire, love, family, principles, and free thought.

There is a visible slippery slope here.

Free speech versus race wars in art
A cartoon I drew a few years ago, highlighting the slippery slope

We are heading towards a future where only art that aligns with politically correct and woke narratives are accepted, limiting diversity of thought and expression (which, ironically, is the polar opposite of inclusivity).

Here’s my latest conversation with him.

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