I am not a Satanist, but I wanted to know more about Satanism.

The Church of Satan is a religious organisation that was founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966.

It is a modern, atheistic, and individualistic interpretation of Satanism. The Church of Satan does not worship or believe in a literal Satan or a supernatural deity. Instead, it considers Satan as a symbol of personal freedom, individualism, and rebellion against arbitrary authority.

The central text of the Church of Satan is The Satanic Bible written by LaVey.

It outlines the philosophy and principles of Satanism as understood by the church. According to them, Satanism promotes indulgence rather than abstinence, critical thinking, skepticism, and it encourages individuals to embrace their carnal desires and pursue their own happiness without infringing upon the rights of others.

The Church of Satan emphasises rationality, self-interest, and self-empowerment.

Its rituals and practices often involve symbolic ceremonies and psychodramas designed to explore the human psyche and serve as a form of personal catharsis. Members of the Church of Satan, known as Satanists, may engage in individual or group activities based on their own interpretations of Satanism.

Their website has a list of answers to popular questions related to sacrifice, child trafficking, rituals, Christianity and more.

Their core principles can be viewed as:

  • indulgence,
  • responsibility,
  • vital existence,
  • rationality,
  • kindness to those who deserve it,
  • strive for balance, and
  • embrace carnal desires.

I spoke to David Harris, a magister in the Church Of Satan. A magister is a medieval word to describe a master or a teacher.

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