Monogamy is the practice of being in a committed relationship with one partner.

It offers numerous advantages and can be argued as a superior approach to relationships compared to polygamy.

Polygamy is a marital or relationship practice in which an individual has multiple spouses or partners simultaneously. It is a broad term that encompasses different forms, including polygyny and polyandry.

  • Polygyny is where a man is married to multiple women at the same time. In polygynous relationships, each wife typically has a separate and distinct relationship with the husband, but the wives may or may not have relationships with each other.
  • Polyandry is a less common form of polygamy, where a woman has multiple husbands simultaneously. Like polygyny, each husband usually has a separate relationship with the wife, and the husbands may or may not have relationships with each other.

For simplicity, my following conversation with Mark McDonald uses “polygamy” as a catch-all phrase for “not monogamy”.

A cartoon about identifying as your wife.

Monogamy is optimal.

It allows for a deep and focused emotional connection between partners. By committing to each another exclusively, a man and a woman can invest their time, energy, and emotions into building a strong bond which leads to greater trust, understanding, and support, forming the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Plus, monogamy provides a sense of stability and security for both people. By knowing that their partner is committed solely to them, they can feel more secure in their relationship.

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