The women’s liberation movement (feminism) was heavily influenced by the occult.

The history of women’s lib includes paganism, demon worship, witchcraft, and the CIA. In other words, the belief that women’s liberation, especially in the West, has benefited women is false.

Feminism is not open to rational discourse. Arguing does no good. It’s a victim consciousness.


Both women and men have suffered negative consequences as a result.

From what were women liberated?

Rachel Wilson, author of Occult Feminism: The Secret History of Women’s Liberation, argues that feminism disrupted economic stability for women, turning them into unwitting subjects of corporate exploitation and government taxation.

Rachel Wilson’s superb book

She adds that the drive towards egalitarianism enslaved women by pushing them into the workplace to compete with men, and splitting the family by encouraging the absence of parents in the home and, as a consequence, delaying marriage and having fewer children.

The passage of woman suffrage in the early 20th century, and later, the sexual revolution and simultaneous advent of Women’s Studies as an academic discipline completed the process of transforming the west into a gynocentric culture rather than a patriarchal one.

Rachel Wilson, Are Patriarchs Perpetrators or Protectors?

Thanks to the suffragettes, she notes, women became more vulnerable.

Feminism is a form of deceptive manipulation, employed to shift societal order and personal identities, which was accelerated by the Industrial Revolution and, subsequently, one can’t ignore the results, such as

  • easy divorce,
  • the dissolution of family unity, and
  • the abandonment of traditional gender roles.
Generalised attributes of the two sexes

Gender roles matter

Traditional gender roles are discouraged in modern society, causing confusion and imbalance. Masculinity, for example, is labelled ‘toxic‘.

Men and women are celebrated for showing traits of the opposite sex, thanks to feminism.

Feminised men are excellent for family planning
Feminised men are excellent for family planning

This leads to increased confusion betwee men and women, resulting in unfulfilled lives and social problems.


Promoting transgenderism in children as ‘love’ and ‘acceptance’ is a terrible idea.

In reality, it’s about misleading children and parents for both financial gain and depopulation. It’s a growing industry, fuelled by propaganda in schools, social media, and throughout Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

It’s even creeping into a growing number of religious institutions.

In short, men should be protectors, providers, and leaders, while women should be nurturers, healers, and homemakers.

These roles are rooted in biological and psychological differences, not social constructs, and are consistent across cultures and societies throughout history. If societal influences (such as politics and media) were removed, default gender roles would naturally emerge due to inherent differences between men and women.

Women’s liberation has, paradoxically, liberated neither women nor men.

Feminism is doomed to failure because it is based on an attempt to repeal and restructure human nature.

Phyllis Schlafly

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