Marrying early has many advantages, especially for women, argues Los Angeles-based psychiatrist Mark McDonald.

One of the biggest issues is the biological clock. Women who delay marriage often find themselves in a rush to find a suitable men, leading to hurried decisions that result in less-than-ideal marriages.

This urgency undermines the entire marital decision-making process, making it far less likely to choose well when under such pressure.

In other words, the longer women wait to get married, the crappier marriage they’re likely to have.

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Good reasons not to be a slut

There are a number of reasons why getting married earlier – rather than later – is superior.

Safer pregnancy

Women in their 20s are more fertile and prone to safer pregnancy. Marrying early increases the likelihood of successful childbirth. Late marriage can lead to pregnancy complications and miscarriage risks.

Easier integration

Young women (and men) adapt more easily to the changes that marriage brings. For example, marrying young allows for developing compatible habits and lifestyles, creating a stronger and more stable relationship.

More time together

Marrying early provides more time for sex, travel, and enjoy life before the kids arrive. This means more freedom and spontaneity in the marriage.

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Future planning

Early marriage offers time to plan and strategise for the future together. It allows setting and pursuing shared goals.

Career, love life, and balance

Marrying early helps balance career and relationship commitments. This is a big one, as Rachel Wilson points out in her book Occult Feminism.

Populations are in decline

Over the last century, families have been torn apart due to feminist propaganda advocating career before children.

As Mark argues, a growing number of women opt against marriage and motherhood, due to the rise of feminism, and, instead, choose to work a nine-to-five job. As a result, both marriage and childbirth are delayed by many years, if they even happen.

A woman should not put a career before a family.

A consequence is depopulation and fewer families, which aligns with Agenda 2030 and Malthusian goals.

Get married and have kids.

It’s that simple.

Here’s my conversation with Mark.

Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.

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