Naomi Wolf is one of the most prolific feminists of the 21st century. She runs the Daily Clout.

She gained prominence with her first book, The Beauty Myth and recognised as a key figure in third wave feminism, receiving praise from feminists like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan.

In the 1990s, she advised Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s presidential campaigns. Her later works include the bestseller ‘The End of America’ (2007) and ‘Vagina: A New Biography’.

However, her ideological direction changed, thankfully, during the Covid™ era.

Her story is not unqiue, which is why I consider many aspects of the fake pandemic a blessing in disguise. It opened the eyes of a lot of people (including mine).

Third wave feminism promotes the killing of babies

Naomi’s journey

She shifted from being an icon on ‘the left’ to a being critic of the same group.

Originally, Naomi was deeply involved in the liberal, left-wing elite (hence advising the Clintons). She was a Rhodes Scholar and famously argued that beauty standards are a social construct designed to oppress women.

A turning point in Naomi’s journey came from a conversation with Lou Rockwell.

He challenged her beliefs and introduced her to new ideas about totalitarianism and individual liberty.

I felt this incredible sense of anticipation that there was a universe of Freedom, intellectual Freedom, social Freedom, institutional Freedom that I was glimpsing that no one had ever showed me before and it was intoxicating.

Naomi Wolf, reflecting on her conversation with Lou Rockwell

Covid™ sealed the deal

Naomi’s updated worldview became more cemented during the Covid ‘pandemic’.

Because, let’s be honest, the only people who believed the fear campaign was genuinely about a deadly virus were establishment sheep who blindly ‘trusted the experts’ and questioned nothing.

The real pandemic is mass media.

Naomi realised that the lockdowns, for example, were akin to the patterns of totalitarianism she described in her 2007 book, The End of America:

  • Invoke an internal and external threat.
  • Establish secret prisons.
  • Develop a paramilitary force.
  • Surveil ordinary citizens.
  • Infiltrate citizens’ groups.
  • Arbitrarily detain and release citizens.
  • Target key individuals.
  • Control the media.
  • Label criticism as espionage and dissent as treason.
  • Subvert the rule of law.

During the fake pandemic, governments imposed ’emergency laws’ and restrictions on personal freedoms, which were obviously a massive red flag.

Attacks on her

Naturally, Naomi was deplatformed and subjected to a coordinated smear campaign, drastically altering her public image.

For example, pretty much overnight, her Wikipedia page was changed to label her a ‘conspiracy theorist’, and she was backstabbed by media outlets where she had been a regular contributor for decades.

Here’s my conversation with Naomi.

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