Mark Bailey is a medical doctor and co-author of the Settling The Virus Debate challenge.

The challenge – signed by 19 scientists – questions the established understanding of viruses and their role in disease causation, implying that the common belief that viruses are independent, exogenous, pathogenic entities might be based on fundamental misconceptions.


They argue that what are commonly referred to as viruses may actually be breakdown particles of stressed or dead tissues rather than independent, disease-causing entities.

The virus challenge notes that viruses have never been directly isolated and purified from sick organisms (according to the official definition).

It proposes experiments to test the viral theory, including purifying particles, proving they are coded for by genetic sequences, and showing they can cause identical illnesses.

The challenge also suggests a two-step experiment involving multiple labs to determine if a pathogenic human virus can be isolated.

The virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.

James Hildreth, virologist

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