The inspiration behind this cartoon is my recent trip, with my wife, to Kgalagadi (a national park in the Kalahari Desert, overlapping Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana).

Spending two weeks in the desert is incredible on multiple levels.

In the relentless hustle of modern life, the act of grounding oneself through nature becomes not just a leisurely escape, but a vital ritual for the soul’s sustenance. The sun’s embrace, the tranquil solitude, and the celestial dance of the night sky serve as a reminder of the world’s natural order, untouched by the chaos of human creation.

Enjoy nature

This connection to the earth strips away the complexities of our constructed lives, allowing stress and worries to dissipate like mist in the morning light. It’s a process of shedding the unnecessary, a kind of mental decluttering that aligns with the principles of simplicity and minimalism. In the rawness of nature, we find a rhythm that predates the tick of the clock, a tempo that governs life at its core, urging us to breathe, to be present, and to simply be.

The therapeutic qualities of nature are not just poetic musings but are grounded in scientific reality. Sunshine, with its generous dose of Vitamin D, is a known mood enhancer, while solitude in nature’s expanse offers a rare silence in which the mind can quieten and rejuvenate. It’s in these moments of quiet contemplation that the mind is freed from the shackles of pessimism and cynicism. The vastness of the natural world, with its intricate and endless variations, inherently promotes solution-based thinking. Problems that seemed insurmountable within four walls begin to unravel and yield to optimism when viewed under the expansive sky. The mind, thus liberated, begins to weave threads of positivity, crafting solutions where once there were only obstacles.

AI is not reality

The authenticity of these experiences in nature stands in stark contrast to the artificial intelligence (AI) that permeates our lives.

While AI can simulate scenarios and predict outcomes, it cannot replicate the visceral feeling of the wind on one’s face or the grounding sensation of earth underfoot. The beauty of reality lies in its imperfections, its unpredictability, and its ability to surprise and inspire awe. AI, for all its utility, will always lack the depth of soul that nature inherently possesses. It’s a reminder that some experiences refuse to be digitised, that the essence of life is found in the unfiltered and the unrefined.

In the embrace of nature, one finds a clarity that is often muddied by the daily grind. The patterns and cycles of the natural world encourage a long-term perspective, where life is seen as a series of interconnected events rather than isolated moments of crisis.

This shift in viewpoint fosters an optimism that is both resilient and infectious.

It promotes white-pilled thinking.

The night sky, a canvas of cosmic artistry, is perhaps the ultimate teacher of humility and hope.

There is nothing artificial about it, and no amount of technology can replace it.

Pour a glass of cabernet sauvignon and look at the stars!

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