Simon Goddek is a scientist with a focus on vitamin D and sustainable living.

He has his own piece of land near a jungle in Brazil, on which he lives almost entirely off the grid.

Living truly sustainably (and not in the United Nations sense) encompasses a holistic approach to minimising our ecological footprint and fostering regenerative practices, but also improving your health and happiness.

Growing your own organic food is a sustainable practice that reduces reliance on industrial agriculture, minimises excessive transportation, and ensures the absence of synthetic chemicals. It involves cultivating crops using natural fertilisers, compost, and organic pest control methods. Organic gardening also promotes biodiversity and healthy soil ecosystems.

Raising animals in a free-range environment aligns with sustainable principles. Providing ample space for chickens to roam and express natural behaviours supports their welfare. Such an approach reduces reliance on intensive factory farming practices that contribute to deforestation, water pollution, and animal cruelty.

Living sustainably entails avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in all aspects of life.

Furthermore, not relying on the central power grid is important too. For example, solar panels are helpful in a more decentralised approach to self-sustainability.

And, of course, vitamin D is critical.

Like Simon, spend time outside in the sunshine and don’t use sunblock.

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