Daniel Satchkov is the founder of Bastyon, which is decentralised social network focusing on privacy and free speech. It uses a blockchain-based peer-to-peer infrastructure, avoiding central servers, which buffers against censorship.

Bastyon has no headquarters.

The aim is to be an alternative to establishment heavyweights like X and I strongly recommend it. An increasing number of my videos are hosted on Bastyon, including the one below.


Bastyon uses blockchain technology and an open-source model to decentralise control and give users more power, which is precisely what I have experienced while using it.

For clarity, centralisation means control by a single entity, whereas decentralisation spreads control across many independent entities.

Daniel believes that competition and decentralisation are important to counter issues like monopolisation and censorship on platforms such as X, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. (I have been banned from some of them, for example.)

As an aside, I recommend following me.

During April 2024, Brighteon announced its official partnership with Bastyon.

Decentralisation is the key to empowering people. It puts the control back into the hands of local communities.


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