Denis Rancourt is a scientist and social theorist.

The scientific consensus is that climate change is a phenomenon driven by human activities, primarily via burning of fossil fuels, and deforestation. The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) and numerous scientific organisations worldwide have concluded that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are causing the Earth’s temperature to rise at an unprecedented rate. This increase in global temperature leads to a wide range of adverse impacts, including rising sea levels, extreme weather events, heatwaves, droughts, and the disruption of ecosystems. Urgent action is required to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the changing climate to avoid catastrophic consequences.

That’s the official narrative and it’s nonsense.

Firstly, consensus is not science because scientific knowledge is not determined by popular agreement, but rather by empirical evidence, rigorous analysis, and falsifiable hypotheses. Consensus can be influenced by factors such as social and political pressures, funding, biases, or limited access to data.

climate change cult

Secondly, climate change is a natural and cyclical phenomenon that has occurred throughout Earth’s history. Consider historical climate variability and natural factors like solar activity and volcanic eruptions as major drivers of climate patterns.

Moreover, there is a difference between pollution and climate change.

Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful or toxic substances into the environment that cause damage to the natural world and can adversely affect human health. This can occur in various forms such as air, water, soil, and noise pollution, and can result from a variety of human activities, such as industrial production, transportation, and waste disposal.

Climate change is a broad term that refers to long-term alterations in global temperatures and weather patterns, largely driven by the sun.

Humans pollute.

Humans do not cause climate change.

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