Thierry Baudet is a Dutch author of 12 books and the founding director of the Forum For Democracy, a Dutch think tank and political party which has been a member of the House Of Representatives since 2017.

He also serves as the party’s parliamentary leader.

He chatted to me about three ‘mega-trends’ currently shaping the West. They are mass immigration, global governance, and climate change propaganda.

Baudet argues that these trends are rooted in Marxist ideology and aim to transition societies towards a utopian but ultimately dystopian state. He contends that these projects undermine the very foundation of human existence, which is a sense of community and belonging.

Plus, he says that mass immigration leads to low-trust, high-crime societies, and renewed tribalism. He criticises the erosion of national sovereignty through supranational bodies like the European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN), which impose regulations and dilute sovereignty.

He also mentions that the climate change narrative serves as an excuse for these bodies to regulate every aspect of individual lives, further eroding freedom and sovereignty.

He warns that the result of these trends is a society of ‘nowhere creatures’—people who have lost all connection to their land and community, living among people to whom they feel no relationship.

Baudet points out that modern architecture, devoid of cultural significance, symbolises this loss of community and identity. The absence of a shared national community is exacerbated by the climate change narrative, which fills the spiritual gap left by this process of ‘disowning’.

He calls for a fight to protect the sense of home, freedom, and sovereignty.

Moreover, he urges reclaiming control over nation-states and combating what he calls ‘quasi-scientific nonsense’ about planetary disasters, seeing these as ploys by power-hungry politicians to control disowned people in spiritual need.

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