Aleksandr Dugin is a Russian professor and author who believes that modernity and liberalism are highly destructive.

Born in 1962 in Moscow, he has been active in Russian politics since the early 1990s and has played a key role in shaping the ideology of the country’s conservative movement.

Aleksandr’s views are based on Eurasianism, which is the idea that Russia is not part of the West, but rather a unique civilisation with its own distinct culture, history and values.

He advocates for a strong, authoritarian state focused on promoting traditional values and protecting Russian interests.

He developed an idea known as the Fourth Political Theory, which is a critique of liberalism, communism, and fascism, and offers a distinct framework for understanding and reshaping politics, emphasising the decline of the West, which Aleksandr refers to as the “imploding West,” advocating for a shift toward a multipolar world order.

The Fourth Political Theory rejects the universality of liberal democracy and asserts the importance of cultural diversity, traditional values, and national identities. It promotes a holistic view of society that balances individual freedom with collective interests and values.

Aleksandr celebrates the role of “the people” as a driving force in politics, emphasising populism as a means to empower and mobilise the masses.

He is banned from entering the United States; he is heavily censored by the Western establishment; his books are banned from Amazon; and mentioning his name triggers polarised discourse.

During September 2022, about a month after his daughter was assassinated, the EU officially banned him.

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