Judy Wood is the author of Where Did The Towers Go?

She is a former Professor of Mechanical Engineering with a PhD from Virginia Tech.

Specifically, Judy’s central thesis is that the destruction of the World Trade Centre was not caused by planes crashing into the buildings or by traditional controlled demolition, but rather by the use of directed energy technology.

Her book carries out a detailed examination of what, she argues, is a crime scene. The book is very thick.

Ground Zero and the nearby areas were captured in photographs many thousands of times, but nobody actually analysed all the unusual findings, which is where Judy comes in. She says that the evidence from the collapse of the towers, including the lack of debris and the presence of unusual damage patterns, is irrefutable.

Her work is very convincing.

It’s not about believing what I say; it’s about looking at the evidence. The evidence tells a story that is not reflected in the official explanations.

Judy Wood

What is directed energy?

For clarity, according to the US Department Of Defence, directed energy is an umbrella term covering technologies that produce a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy, or atomic or subatomic particles. Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) are advanced weapons that use concentrated energy beams to disable or destroy targets.

Think of them like highly focused and powerful laser beams or particle beams.

Artist’s rendering of Lockheed Martin’s HELIOS system

Instead of using physical projectiles like bullets or missiles, DEWs generate and emit intense beams of energy, such as lasers or microwaves, to deliver destructive force.

They can be used for various purposes, such as disabling enemy vehicles, destroying incoming missiles or drones, or even disabling electronic systems. DEWs rely on advanced technology to produce and focus energy into a tightly focused beam, which can then be aimed and directed with precision towards the intended target.

The debris field of the World Trade Center was not consistent with a classical gravitational collapse but was instead indicative of a process that ‘dustified’ the structure in a way that cannot be explained by thermite, explosives, or a conventional controlled demolition.

Judy Wood

Turning to dust

The evidence, argues Judy, persuasively challenges the official story (which is clearly nonsense).

As she repeatedly states, simply open your eyes. The truth is right in front of you.

Twin Towers turning to dust
What is going on?

She argues that the photographs show that the towers were not crushed to the ground, but turned to dust in mid-air.

The towers didn’t slam to the ground, if they had slammed to the ground there would be over a million tons of debris left stacked up on the ground.

Judy Wood

Witnesses, who were there on the day, described the buildings disintegrating floor by floor from the top down. Meanwhile, samples from the rubble contained unexpected elements like tritium, suggesting the buildings were brought down through novel energy technologies rather than fire or conventional explosives (controlled demolition).

Two huge buildings collapsed: where is the rubble?

Remarkably, 14 people survived in a stairwell as the building collapsed into dust around them.

Other anomalies:

  • the Columbia University seismographic data,
  • NASA AVIRIS dust and iron spectrometer imaging,
  • all seven WTC buildings destroyed,
  • steel from the Twin Towers turning to dust in mid-air,
  • relative lack of rubble compared to explosive controlled demolitions,
  • rapid spontaneous rusting of metal from the buildings,
  • over 1400 vehicles melted or warped while some distance away,
  • numerous flipped cars,
  • ground zero fuming for years without being hot,
  • numerous unharmed survivors in WTC stairwells,
  • unburned paper,
  • unburned clothing,
  • unburned pedestrians,
  • elevated levels of tritium,
  • lack of ionizing radiation, and
  • glowing and molten materials.

It sounds crazy, but what if it’s true?

Here’s my conversation with Judy.

I recommend watching an accompanying conversation I had with Andrew Johnson.

The physical evidence shows that the towers were destroyed by an energy that remains unexplained by traditional physics or engineering studies, not by conventional means or materials.

Judy Wood

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