Peter McCullough and author John Leake chatted to me about their new book, The Courage To Face COVID-19, in which they dissect the deliberate deception perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry.

In the early part of 2020, Dr. Peter McCullough was a respected doctor, programme leader, tutor, and clinical researcher at a significant academic medical institution in Dallas, Texas.

When COVID-19 emerged in March, he felt obligated to seek out an early treatment. He was not alone in this quest; doctors worldwide were in pursuit of effective treatment.

The book unfolds how Peter and his team created an early treatment regimen using existing, reused medicines and supplements that prevented millions of “COVID-19 patients” from hospitalisation and premature death.

Despite their achievements, their early treatment plan wasn’t embraced by public health officials.

Rather, news of their promising results was dismissed almost immediately upon being reported. Initially, this appeared as typical scepticism, but then deceitful papers disparaging the treatment’s reused medicines started to appear in academic medical journals. This deceit, amongst other fraudulent activities, unveiled a coordinated effort to discredit the early treatment.

Peter and his team soon found themselves rebuked, silenced, assailed in the media, and relieved of their professional duties.

Simultaneously, while early treatment was being undermined, the U.S. government and mainstream media were asserting that the answer to COVID-19 lay in a new breed of rapidly developed vaccines. These vaccines were praised as the imminent miracle cure that would save humanity and return us to normality. With their widespread deployment, it was promised that public health officials would ease the restrictions affecting our social and economic existence.

While many were shocked by this sequence of events, there were historical examples. In his 1961 Farewell Address, President Eisenhower cautioned against unwarranted influence being acquired by the military-industrial complex. He warned that the potential for a dangerous growth of misguided power existed and would continue to be a threat. His words now ring true for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex encompassing multinational drug corporations, the NIH, various federal agencies, research and virology labs, and the Gates Foundation.

This Complex has exerted undue influence over all aspects of our lives and has infringed upon our liberties.

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