Something the Covd™ era has taught me is that the establishment media have completely whored themselves to the globalists.

Journalists and editors, mostly in the mainstream (sometimes in the alternative space), no longer have integrity and care only about pushing agendas, even if it means losing bucketloads of money.

It’s like a cult.

Navigating the media

Navigating the media requires an understanding of establishment biases. In other words, the closer the outlet is to an authority or powerful institution, the more biased it is likely to be.

This is true regardless of the somewhat outdated left-right and liberal-conservative dichotomoies

Credit: SWPRS

The further away from power the outlet is, the more likely it is to be truthful.

It’s about skin in the game.

CNN and FOX, for example, have pretty much no skin in the game; they don’t care about facts.

Wikipedia, meanwhile, is controlled by a small group of mostly anonymous administrators and editors. It is a covert propaganda platform and, despite its appearance as an open encyclopedia, it’s influenced by corporate interests, with companies employing paid editors to manipulate content. Intelligence services and state actors, including the CIA, FBI, and foreign governments, are involved in editing and influencing pages.

Wikipedia co-founder, Larry Sanger, no longer trusts the website.

Globalism is bad

To be clear, I don’t mean globalisation when I refer to globalism.

Globalisation is the interconnecting of people and markets. The internet, for example, allows me to have conversations with guests from around the world and share to an international audience.

It’s merely a function of progress.

Globalism, however, is more of an ideology focused on power, money, and control. It’s technocracy: the desire to enslave society via a top-down structure using science and technology.

Global public private partnerships
Credit: Iain Davis

Globalism is, among many other things, largely driven wittingly or unwittingly by:

And the media has fully bought into it.

In fact, the media actively promotes globalism. Forbes, for instance, perpetuates the silly idea and logical fallacy that we must ‘trust the experts’.

Don't do your own research, says the media


Because individuals who think for themselves are more difficult to control.

If I ‘trusted the experts’, then I would have gone for a PCR test and a jab. But because I did my own research, I went for neither and am happier and healthier as a result.

I don’t care about ‘the experts’.

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