Agenda 2030, also known as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, and the New World Order, proposes massive changes to how we live.

By ‘we’ I mean ‘the entire world’.

By 2030, apparently, personal ownership of property, homes, and cars will no longer exist. Instead, the state will own everything and we, the useless eaters, will rent.

A big driver of this ridiculously communist idea is the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The WEF's "you'll own nothing and you'll be happy" promo


To reduce carbon emissions (CO2).

I kid you not. That’s the propaganda they feed us.

In fact, it’s even framed by the United Nations (UN) as Sustainable Development, which is about neither sustainability nor development.

In reality, it’s about mass control and surveillance smartly packaged and sold as ‘saving the planet’.

And it has buy-in from its member states.

The UN'S Sustainable Development goals

Centralised control of everything

Owning nothing and being happy, we’re told, will mean that people will share and rent what they need, aiming to control environmental impact by limiting personal possessions (because, you know, owning stuff destroys Earth).

Digital ID

A central part of this future is the digital ID.

This ID will contain all personal information, including medical history, financial assets, food you eat, for whom you vote, where you drive, and more. It will be required for all activities in society, including using the internet.

Using this ID means total compliance with the state.

Using this ID also means an end to privacy and liberty.

Cartoon about owning nothing and not being happy

Social credit scoring

Social credit scoring is another tightly integrated aspect.

Already in use in some countries (in various forms), it’s a point-based system that rewards or penalises people for their actions. For example,

  • having pets might lower your score, or
  • driving an internal combustion car will lower your score, or
  • eating bugs will increase your score, or
  • owning a gun will lower your score.

The idea is that behaviour is centrally controlled by encouraging actions approved by the state (and its stakeholders).

Global public private partnerships
Credit: Iain Davis

One world currency

The introduction of a One World Currency is also part of Agenda 2030.

This digital currency (probably via CBDC) would replace all current currencies and be controlled by governments, central banks, and private stakeholders.

It would allow the technocrats to track every transaction and instantly cut off funds if necessary. To be clear, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is programmable money.

That fillet steak you bought? Sorry, bro. It’s red meat and you’re supposed to eat bugs. Here’s a penalty for you.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

George Orwell

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