Dr Eugene Michael Jones (commonly known as E Michael Jones) was an Assistant Professor of American Literature at St. Mary’s College, and is widely known for his critical views on contemporary cultural and religious issues.

He was dismissed in 1981 due to his anti-abortion stance, leading him to leave academia and start a magazine, initially named Fidelity and later Culture Wars, which focuses on the disarray in the Catholic Church including the subversion of the Catholic faith.

Dr E Michael Jones

Libido Dominandi

The term ‘libīdō dominandī’, which translates to ‘lust for domination’, originates from the first book of Saint Augustine’s De civitate Dei (426 AD).

It’s also the title of Jones’ book and the basis of our conversation.

In short, the book examines how sexual liberation has been used as a tool for political control throughout history. Jones argues that what is often seen as sexual freedom, like pornography, can actually lead to societal manipulation and control.

He explores this idea through various historical events and people, showing how sexual behaviours have been exploited for political and financial gain, suggesting that the liberation of sexual norms has led to societal chaos, requiring increased authoritarianism.

In other words, ‘sexual freedom’ is a tool of mass control.

Brief history

The book begins with a historical overview of sexual liberation movements, tracing how they’ve aligned with political changes, suggesting that, rather than being purely personal or moral issues, they’ve have often been manipulated for political gain.

Which has had profound implications for individual freedoms and societal values.

‘La révolution de 1830’ by François d’Orléans, circa 19th century

Pornography and the media

Jones delves deeply into the evolution of pornography, highlighting its shift from a taboo subject to a mainstream, commercially exploited – and acceptable – industry.

He discusses how the media and entertainment sectors have played a huge role in normalising and spreading pornography,

Which has influenced societal norms and individual behaviours.

Media publishing propaganda

Furthermore, the book discusses the psychological impacts of addiction to sexual content and how this addiction leads to increased susceptibility to manipulation.

OnlyFans, for example.

It’s all about control

Jones argues that this manipulation is not just personal but extends to social control, where individuals’ behaviours and beliefs can be influenced by powerful people.

The book explains the relevance of historical context because it creates a foundation for understanding current societal and political dynamics (and the collapse of the West).

It’s a complex topic, but the basic idea is that sexual revolutions have never been about liberation and have always been about enslavement.

The female form is a male weakness, and the oligarchs have successfully weaponised it.

Here’s my conversation with E Michael Jones.

The sexual revolution is an attempt to impose on human beings a life without moral constraints and without personal responsibility.

Alice von Hildebrand

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