Mark McDonald is a psychiatrist in Los Angeles.

The West has found itself embroiled in culture wars, an ideological struggle within its own societies, tearing at the fabric of unity and common purpose. These conflicts arise from deeply rooted differences in values, beliefs, and social norms, exacerbated by the prolonged period of prosperity and stability the West has enjoyed.

One of the core battlefronts in the culture wars is the tension between traditionalism and progressivism.

Traditionalists argue for the preservation of long-standing customs and conservative values, seeking to safeguard cultural heritage and uphold social norms. On the other hand, progressives advocate for change, inclusivity, and social justice, often challenging established norms to create a “more equitable and diverse society”.

These culture wars are not limited to a specific nation or region but have become a transnational phenomenon, amplified by the internet and social media.

The West is dead

Consider the following possible reasons for the implosion of the West.

  • High levels of debt and stagnant wage growth.
  • Decline in civil discourse, combined with policy paralysis, and social unrest.
  • Declining birth rates, ageing population, and mass immigration.
  • Loss of traditional norms, societal cohesion and identity.

While the Global South is emerging, the West is losing sight of its commonalities and shared values.

The West has had it too good for too long.

It is destroying itself.

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