Tom Cowan, who was previously on my podcast in which he discussed his book The Contagion Myth and why germs don’t cause disease, is a doctor and author of multiple books challenging current medical paradigms, specifically relating to illness and optimal wellbeing.

The Contagion Myth

Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell, in The Contagion Myth, present a compelling case for a re-evaluation of viruses, suggesting that they are not malevolent entities but rather beneficial exosomes produced by our cells.

According to them, these exosomes help detoxify the body and adapt to new environmental challenges, such as the radiation from 5G technology.

They point out that conventional measures like masks, social distancing, and vaccines are not the answer to, well, anything.

What they argue, instead, is for a better, healthier lifestyle, and to stop worrying about “catching something from somebody”.

It’s about toxicity

In other words, symptoms such as colds or flu-like illnesses are the body’s way of eliminating toxins.

This detoxification process is triggered by various factors, including emotional stress, poor diet, household toxins, glyphosate exposure, electromagnetic fields, and so on.

He presents the concept of exosomes, which are small packages of genetic material released by cells or tissues when they are poisoned, which he suggests are often misinterpreted as viruses, which is pretty much what Antoine Béchamp said over a century ago.


Tom therefore argues that there is no such thing as an immune system.

The primary cause of disease is in us, always in us.

Antoine Béchamp

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