Zaid Dahhaj is a men’s health coach and co-host of The 2AM Podcast. He focuses a lot on the benefits of sunlight and being outside.

It’s weird that, in 2024, we are discussing the benefits of being outside, but here we are.


Zaid argues that modern society encourages people to stay indoors, leading to vitamin D deficiencies, negative health impacts like seasonal affective disorder, and an increased risk of skin cancer.

He recommends minimising sunscreen use, as it can block beneficial UVB rays, and spending time outdoors with as much skin exposed as possible.

According to Zaid, exposure to sunlight can also aid in weight loss by reducing subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Basically, celebrate sunshine.

A little bit of sunshine on your body every day has great advantages. Getting sunlight first thing in the morning tells your brain to wake up and gets your body moving.

Dr Michael Breus

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